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Leg length difference - true or false?

Have you been told that your legs are of a different length? And were you given the advice to wear a block in your shoes to relief your back from the impact of your leg length difference (LLD)? If yes, then it might be worth that you keep reading.

Muscular leg length difference

Not every LLD is the same and of the same cause. We can distinguish between two major differences in LLD, there is physical and a muscular LLD.

The physical LLD is a true difference in bone length. This can have multiple reasons such as when you had multifragmentory fracture. There is very little you can do about this and the prescribed aids will help you and your body to regain balance and to relief pressure from your spine.

If there is a true LLD, then there is also a false LLD. A false LLD just makes it appear that you have a difference in leg length. Muscular tension, caused by stress and also bad posture, can cause bending and twisting of your spine and pelvis. This results in a hip misalignment and tilt and this is the reason why one leg appears longer than the other one.

What can we do to avoid or get rid of this muscle tension which causes a false LLD? We can increase the awareness of our posture to start with. Don't cross legs whilst you sit or sit on your wallet, adjust your office chair height to your bodies needs and also the height of your screens so that you sit up straight and not bowed.

Regular relaxation exercises, such as meditation, yoga, Vitametik or progressive muscle relaxation can decrease the amount of stress we experience and with reduced stress we will gradually reduce the tensions in our body. Especially Vitametik is a gentle way to let go of muscle tension. If you want to find more about how you can achieve relaxation throughout the day or want to learn more about Vitametik send a message to

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