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How did I end up with Vitametik?

Let me tell you my story of how I got to know Vitametik and why I decided to become a Vitametik practitioner.

When I was 13 years old, still living in Germany, I had an accident during PE class in school, I collapsed and fainted, apparently hyperventilated and was not quite myself. So the school called the ambulance to get me checked out in hospital. The ambulance strapped me on the stretcher and took me to the next hospital where they pushed me into the elevator. Unfortunately the stretcher collapsed and my head and neck bounced on head piece of the stretcher. After all that the hospital got me X-rayed and my neck vertebrae were bruised and I got to wear a neck brace for a few weeks.

Roughly three month later I started getting terrible headaches. I woke up in the morning with headaches and I went to bed with headaches. My parents took me to our GP and I got examined. First thing he thought: Oh this teenager must have a vitamin B deficiency. So he gave me vitamin B supplements. After two weeks I was still in the same situation. So he sent me to the eye doctor. But my eyes were fine. So he sent me to get massages, physiotherapy with slings to help me mobilise and to ease movement by the therapist and Fango therapy, but nothing worked. Then I got sent to a neurologist and he checked me out for migraines but nothing suspicious on the EEG. Then he sent me to have a MRI scan for potential tumours and luckily all was clear, but I still had terrible headaches. He prescribed physiotherapy, then lymph node drainage and manual therapy similar to craniosacral therapy. But nothing helped, some of it actually made the sensation of the headache worse. Then he sent me again to get a MRI scan but of my neck and they noticed that one vertebrae was slightly shifted, most likely from the accident I had almost 2 years ago. The doctor at the MRI centre was of the opinion that this could not cause the headaches I am experiencing. And it was left as that. The neurologist tried to go down the route of mental health and attention seeking: What are your parents saying about you having headaches, what are your siblings saying about your headaches, have you got a boyfriend... He prescribed more and more painkillers which all ended up not working and I stopped taking the last ones he prescribed as they had known side effect: Headaches.

I just came to peace with that I will have to live with this headache. For the rest of my life.

But let me tell you one thing, I did not have to live with it. My mum keeps telling me about the conversation she had one afternoon with one of our neighbours. I was walking home from school and must have looked terrible. And our neighbour asked what was wrong with me. My mum told him in brief my story and he said: Have you been to Mr. Roecker with her? He does Vitametik. My mum did say that she had heard about Mr. Roecker and his Vitametik. In the village in Germany we were living Vitametik was new, unknown and somewhat seen as humbug. Our neighbour told my mum his story about the pains he had from a slipped disc and that he was not able to walk because of the pains he was experiencing. Vitametik helped him and actually reduced the amount of pains he had so he was able to walk again. So that afternoon my mum arranged an appointment at our Vitametik practice.

Mr Roecker explained how Vitametik supports the body to work on its own issues. how it can relaxed tensed up muscles and how this tension can impact someones well-being. He performed the dynamic leg length test and my right leg appeared to be 3 cm longer than the left one. He explained that my leg length difference could be muscular and not a true leg length difference and that there could be a connection between my accident in school, the neck brace, the shift of vertebrae, the muscle tensions and posture changes that will come of all of that and how, in my case, it could lead to headaches. He also explained that as I have been living with this for 2 years that it won't go away over night, that I might experience muscle pains as if I would have been exercising, and that we will be working towards not just no headache but also a 0cm leg length difference.

I had my first Vitametik session, I rested for the recommended 20 min and it was a positive experience, however I still had the headaches. I remember that the day after my first session my headaches where worse. But I remember even better that the day after that I woke up with no headaches. I asked my mum if I am still alive as I felt light and floating. I cannot describe how much i was weighed down over those two years by those headaches. It took around 20 sessions till the leg length difference was completely gone. 10 of those sessions were on a weekly basis and then the distance between appointments increased. Since then I had regular sessions more as relaxation method and preventative measure. we,, until I moved to the UK. Although I try to arrange Vitametik sessions for myself when I visit my family in Germany it is not always possible. And there were times in the past years when I thought to myself: If I could arrange to a session with Mr. Roecker, that would be amazing. And if i could make use of Vitametik, I was sure there are other people who would benefit from this gentle relaxation method. And it didn't take long till I convinced myself that Vitametik is missing in the North-west of England. (read further down about Sabine Wuensche). But it still took a while for me to sign up to the course which was only available in Germany and would mean some travels to Germany over weekends. I knew that knowing this skill will outweigh the costs and hassle associated with the course and that being able to help others to relax and let go of tension is priceless anyway. Plus along the way I met some amazing people who were also taking part at the same training course. Learning about the body's ability to heal and how relaxation is important to allow the body to heal was an eye opener about my own life style.

If you would like to find out more about Vitametik, then visit my website If you would like to have a chat get in touch and we can arrange to either talk on the phone or meet in person. I do host regular Vitametik events to give an overview on the principles of Vitametik and how sessions would look like. If you happen to not live within the Greater Manchester area but are interested in Vitametik please check out Sabine's website who is located in the South

Please note that Vitametik sessions do not replace your appointments with your GP or alternative health practitioner. Changes to prescription or other therapy sessions should only be done by your GP or alternative health practitioner. Please mention to your GP if you are thinking or already having Vitametik sessions.

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